Diversity and Inclusion in the Contingent Workforce

Werklabs is proud to share the findings from our new report What Drives a Diverse Extended Workforce. This report is in partnership PRO Unlimited, a leader in contingent workforce management, servicing hundreds of the world’s most recognizable brands, and RISE, operated by The Mom Project, which is a program committed to upskilling and reskilling moms and women of color through certifications and unparalleled community support.

Contingent work is a clear pathway for reskilled and upskilled professionals looking for new relevant employment.

Our research highlights the unique motivations and needs of diverse contingent talent. Thus, when this opportunity is pursued, there is infrastructure in place from MSPs and organizations to equip and empower these professionals in ways that are most impactful.

We have chosen to partner in developing and sharing this research because we share a common goal: fostering inclusive work experiences, where diversity is celebrated, that elevate professionals to realize greater economic opportunity for themselves and their families. 

From our research with RISE, we know that moms and women of color are turning to upskilling and reskilling certification programs to elevate themselves and their families by realizing new economic opportunity. In the process, they are weighed down by the day-to-day realities of household responsibilities, work, and career search, all the while with often minimal support. But they are still eagerly pursuing new opportunities.

Want to learn more about what drives a diverse extended workforce?

Join us on April 6 @ 12 pm CST for a live webinar. 

*All participants will receive a copy of the What Drives a Diverse Extended Workforce report after the event.

Gabrielle Lieberman

Gabrielle Lieberman

Gabrielle is responsible for maximizing the impact of Werklabs research through customer-facing and talent-facing research deliverables. She's a mom of two young girls, and finds great purpose in using research to build better, more equitable workplaces.

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