Talent Trends 2022: What Moms Want From Work

It’s never been easy to attract and retain great talent. Now more than ever, this resonates
with organizations and hiring managers across industries and geographies. The Great
Resignation is now in full swing. Many did not anticipate this current labor shortage after 9.5 million Americans lost their jobs in 2020. Nonetheless, in 2020 Werklabs predicted this trend would occur. The greatest predictor of the future comes from studying the past. By analyzing survey data collected from moms through the pandemic, Werklabs was able to pick up on the weak signals on the radar screen that predicted a departure from work in subsequent years. In an end-of-year 2020 survey fielded by Werklabs, 88% of moms reported that working amidst COVID-19 clarified what they want in a future employer.

Amid the Great Resignation, we see two main factors converge: (1) clarity with what is
desired in an employer and (2) renewed time and energy to invest in finding the right

Werklabs is proud to present its inaugural Talent Trends report: What Moms Want From
Work, where key drivers are defined for attracting moms to new opportunities.


Pam Cohen, PhD

Chief Research & Analytics Officer

WerkLabs & The Mom Project