Recharging and Returning from Parental Leave

A new framework for organizations to optimize parental leave experiences

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The impact of welcoming a new child into a family is undeniable. Physical, mental, and financial health– impacted all at once. Yet, we still exist in a world and a country in which many moms and dads are not afforded the time and ability to process, celebrate, and recover from these changes. Despite parental leave benefits ranking as an important benefit to employees, the prevalence of paid maternity, paternity, and adoption leave has dropped since 2020.

Organizations have the ability to change this trajectory.

At The Mom Project and Werklabs, we know that parental leave is critical for all caregivers, primary or secondary, and for all forms of family expansion. For years, Werklabs and The Mom Project have supported organizations through custom research and analytics to develop best-in-class parental leave policies. Now, with the present research, we provide organizations with robust, prescriptive, and updated insights to optimize their own parental leave policies and experiences.

It is our hope that this research helps guide organizations in supporting and retaining working parents. Our research speaks for itself: when employers invest in this crucial segment of the workforce, the returns are tremendous.


Pam Cohen, PhD
Chief Research & Analytics Officer
Werklabs & The Mom Project

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