Latina Moms

Exploring the unique connection between the personal and the professional

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Latina moms are the largest group to have left the workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even before the pandemic, Latinas were vulnerable to workplace instability, underemployment, and discrimination, often because of limited access to educational opportunities paired with occupational segregation and discriminatory policies.

From a broader perspective, Latina moms have been one of the first groups to leave the workforce when family responsibilities arise. Although some policy-related recommendations exist on how to better support Latina moms, greater knowledge is needed as to how best to support Latina moms in the workplace, to preclude their having to leave the workforce in the first place.

This report aims to 1) improve understanding of the unique experiences and challenges for Latina moms as they balance family, work, and career, and 2) provide recommendations for employers on how to better support Latina moms, ultimately helping employers to retain this valuable segment of the workforce.

Latina moms want organizations to know that though they may look, sound, or act differently than their non-Latin counterparts, they are extremely smart and talented. When they feel authentically understood and supported, they can fully commit and dedicate themselves to their workplace as well as their family. And employers will see the return on this investment many times over through measurable improvements in employee productivity and retention.


Pam Cohen, PhD
Chief Research & Analytics Officer
Werklabs & The Mom Project