Black Moms

Challenges and Potential

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Women’s labor market participation has increased markedly as they re-enter the workforce post pandemic. But for Black women, these gains have been relatively unsteady, and many organizations continue to struggle to attract and retain this valuable segment of the workforce.

In this report, Werklabs explores the personal and professional drivers of Black moms’ access to economic opportunity and organizational satisfaction. For Black moms, home life and work life are intertwined in distinct and important ways. By highlighting the unique experiences of professional Black moms, this report provides a roadmap for organizations to better support this critical demographic.

Werklabs’ conversations with Black moms underscored the importance of cultivating authentic understanding of their experiences, both personally and professionally. Many reported struggling to be taken seriously in the workplace, feeling like they had to work harder than their non-Black colleagues to reach the same level of success, or feeling pressured to tone themselves down.

Black moms are looking for organizations that understand, support, and value them. In this report, Werklabs aims to improve understanding of the unique experiences and challenges Black moms experience as they balance family and career, ultimately helping organizations identify the best ways to retain this valuable part of the workforce.


Pam Cohen, PhD
Chief Research & Analytics Officer
Werklabs & The Mom Project

Georgia Anderson-Nilsson, PhD
Senior Manager
Werklabs & The Mom Project